Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an umbrella term that encompasses many styles. For some it is a way of life with its own culture.

In Mad Dance House Hip Hop classes you will be dancing to the greatest current and old school Hip Hop, Rap and RnB tracks. Whatever is getting you moving in the clubs, this is what will get you moving in class!

This is a style anyone can learn, no prior training is necessary. If you find you naturally love to dance when out on the dance floor (beverage in hand or not!) this is the style for you. Refine your skills and chase that feeling of mastering a routine. That’s what we are all addicted to here at Mad Dance House - the feeling of getting a routine and letting yourself go in a routine.

Girly Style Hip Hop

We call it Girly Style so you know exactly what you will be getting! In other hip hop classes the style can often change week to week with the teachers choice of music, but in this class-it will always be girly! Don’t get us wrong-guys are welcome too. Be prepared to really get your sexy on!

Hip Hop Fitness Grooves

A class purely dedicated to discovering your own individual style. The teachers of this class lead you through simple repetitive moves that you could use on the dance floor. There is no ‘routine’ in this class as such, more combo’s of steps that feel natural and look goooood!! Dancers that do this class love it and often come out in a sweat so bring a water bottle and a towel!

Hip Hop in Heels