After a thorough warm up, you will learn a more technical style of dance in this class including pirouettes, kicks and leaps. You will then learn a routine to current and popular music.
Jazz is a fantastic workout and is great if you really want to work on the more technical aspects of dance.

Broadway Jazz

Yep - you guessed it! After a technical Jazz warm up you will learn similar routines to that you would see in shows such as Fame, West Side Story and Chicago! The routine changes every week and  everyone who attends has great fun!

Commercial Jazz

A sexy, sharp and energetic style of dance. The routine you will learn in this class is similar to what you will see in music video clips. This style feels great when you get it!

Kicks, Jumps and Turns

These type of steps are really like tricks for dancers and therefore it is important to execute them cleanly and correctly. You will be taught different combinations incorporating kicks, jumps & turns. It feels amazing to nail these moves and is the closest feeling you’ll get to flying!  Kick, Jumps and Turns is a fun class that will improve your dancing fast.