Mandy McGill


Mandy McGill

For Mandy, Dance was a much loved hobby until she was employed at a Brazilian Theatre Restaurant in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley in 2006. Here she was trained in the unique style of Latin American movement including Samba, Salsa, Afro, Axe & Lambada. With over 10 years of dance performance experience, she now trains the dancers for the theatre show – teaching choreography and styling.
In 2010, Mandy won the Salsa Solo Competition Team Category with her crew “Risque” debuting in Sydney with a new fusion of hip hop & Salsa that won them the 2010 title.

Because of her background in Latin dance, Mandy decided to become a Zumba Instructor to inject a bit of her dance passion & energy into her students as health and fitness are also a big motivation in her life.

What does dance mean to you?
For me dance is totally personal ~ it is my passion because it makes me feel free & full of energy, life and emotion. It is not to judge or compare… but to be yourself and just let loose, have fun and shine!

What do you love about teaching?
Zumba is very high energy & not too structured or technical – so for Zumba I love to see my students going crazy and having fun, smiling and screaming and wildness! The music is very motivating too so I try to keep the moves fun and fresh. Once I see smiling and laughing during my class I feel I have achieved my purpose for that session.

What do you love about MDH?
The “dance culture” I feel when entering the building and see in the students and teachers. Everyone is there for the same thing – to have fun, to move & train & enjoy their passion for dance. Everyone is super friendly but also in their own “dance world” striving to learn and reach their goals, sharing their love and passion for the same thing and filling the class with good vibes – so it becomes very motivating and addictive!