Tammi T


Tammi T

Hip Hop

Tammi has now been teaching at Mad Dance House since 2009 and has been dancing since she was just a little girl. Trained in Jazz from an early age, Tammi is no stranger to the stage having performed in her first musical at the age of four (as the youngest member of the cast) where she sang, danced and acted alongside teenagers.

Throughout her childhood she performed in countless stage shows and nationally televised events. Due to her early love of the stage, limelight and performance, she brings encourages her students to find, nurture and release their inner performer.

Tammi teaches Hip Hop, her street style of dance has elements of Jazz with a flirty edge. A methodical teacher, Tammi takes her time to ensure that even the newest and most inexperienced dancer is comfortable and learns as much as they can in class, she watches her students closely keeping an eye on their progress and nurturing and encouraging their growth as a dancer, helping them to gain the courage and ability to pass through the beginner phase of their dance life.